Architecture Dissertation is a professional assignment assigned to the students of higher level of study. Often there are three sections on which a dissertation depends on

  • Topic selection on interest
  • Sources for data collection
  • And writing the dissertation

A dissertation on Architecture is pretty difficult for Architecture students. The reason is Architecture students are habitual of doing assignments in technical drawings. This article is subjected towards those students who find themselves in a difficult situation during writing.

The topic selection is one of the main tasks among all. The topic should be easy to handle and is feasible in nature. After that the research work must be done accordingly. The data should be collected from authentic and genuine sources, which can add credibility to your content.

The format of an Architecture Dissertation must follow this pattern:

  • Introduction
  • Literature
  • Review
  • Methodology
  • Data Analysis
  • Conclusion

These chapters should be formatted in the pattern above mentioned, because, it is a standard format of dissertation writing.

By understanding the importance of a feasible topic, some are suggested for students:

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Gothic Architecture
  • Modern Architecture
  • Southern Architecture
  • Aesthetics and Architecture
  • Vernacular Architecture
  • European Design Theory
  • Urban design theory
  • Graphic media and Architecture
  • Digital mediation theory
  • Environmental limitations to Architecture

The topic must be shared with the instructor and the ideas related to it. Ask for your teacher’s suggestion and look forward to the opinions you got on your dissertation. You can ask for reliable resources from them that can actually project your dissertation. After getting the approval from your teacher, start researching for every available resource that can be helpful in attaining data. Write a skeletal foundation for your Architecture dissertation and get on writing.

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