In the digital age crime has also become modernized. The modern world has paid a major contribution to the crime field. Today with the modernized technology we can easily study the activities and behaviors of criminals. The elements included in this regard may also be easily considered where it confines the practices, planning and other related aspects; crime has become an advanced field of technology.

With the development of internet and computers things have become quite easier. With the World web we can easily search anything and plan accordingly, we can easily share the information globally which is fortunately out of the control. The computer related crime called as cyber crime has become a question mark on the development of technology.

Sociologically the interest in crime has risen from the past and it has become dangerous for the societies. As it threats life and property, crime has become the biggest social problem. There are several crimes which are related to computer such as piracy and transferring digital money through wrong means etc.

As we are discussing crime and its relation to technology, we will first discuss cyber crimes which are a category of white collar crimes. The computer related crimes have gained popularity as it is not easy to configure the criminal. Today the domestic and international crime rate is high because criminals are becoming interested in adopting latest technologies to do the crime smartly.

Computer crimes can be committed from personal computers which has the internet access. There are other tools associated to computers which enhance the efficiencies while targeting the victim smartly. Scamming, frauds and spreading deadly viruses are the common cyber crimes committed by young generation in order to have adventure and thrill. Today, controlling and safeguarding your pc has become a keen issue of millions of computer practitioners. The documents which are present on internet are copyrighted where no one can copy them directly without taking permission of the writer. There are certain rules and codes to use the copyright documents for educational or other purposes. Criminals used to steal or pirate the documents which are valuable enough. Mostly scholar’s work is targeted in this regard. These cyber criminals committed crime in a forbidden way.

The master minds of cyber crimes actually learn it from websites as a few websites drafts such material in positive perspective by inscribing the law. This way the ownership culture is threatened where positive education was practiced in a negative way. This practice damages the society and threatens the other Internet users.

Technological crimes are rhetoric and planned conceptually in order to commit the crime and could never be caught by anyone. Technology related crimes are the crimes in which various technological tools are used. It is not necessary that technology related crimes are thefts, it could be making profits through cheating, fraud or using illegal means to earn profits. The most compelling ones are making copies of copyright audios or videos or even content. It is known as ripping. This was sold to black market entrepreneurs where they make copies of the original file and sold them to consumers. This trendy crime is followed in the field of music, software, logos, books, films and other products.

Ownership is another technology based crime which we have discussed above. The copyright system is articulated in an economical society where rules are liberal and values, and interests costs a lot. Ownership is a concrete subject which establishes various questions to the human endeavor. Respecting the copyright act is a must but today various people downloads the content or music without having the knowledge of copyright laws and without knowing that they have break the rules.

The labels and logos are also not save from such thefts. Very few designers, artists or industries could be left from such logos and labels theft. People like to listen to Free Music or enjoy a Free Movie but they do not want to spare money on their favorite artist’s career. CDs and DVDs pirating business are at peak today.

It is although difficult to control such crimes because they have become black markets where ownership and fair use is no more practiced. This was all planned and fortunately politicized that is why no remarkable success could be achieved. Such crime rates are high in developed states like U.S. and Canada.

Internet which offers free flow of information and access is the prime root cause but the commercialization of information must be controlled. There are some restricted documents which could be opened if you pay for them. Such limitations could be effective enough to control the technology based crime at a level. Educating the public is another effective and efficient mean of controlling technology crimes, where mostly youngsters are unaware of the rules, they can then, play safely without damaging the limitations. Computer experts may also suggest some constructive solutions to such problems while they can design some tools for saving government data or other important secret information.

Computer crimes are also categorized as technology crimes, where the electronic devices are on threat. Cell phones, personal PCs and other related electronic devices would be threatened. They are less vulnerable while can be reprogrammed. Today computers are used greatly to commit crimes. Previously there was a trend of storing illegal images in a hard disk but today mobile phones are used to harass or even black mail. Scamming and spamming were also used to cheat and fraud. While taking over the personal details or secret information.

Today the websites are hacked directly to acquire the data in which you can access another computer in an unauthorised way. There are software available to delete any data which was stored. The multi hacking is also called Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.

Computer crime list varies as more developments are being made, the more ways to cyber crime are determining. Accessing any important information and then using it for ransom opportunity or fraud is a disastrous way of committing crime. Impeding any one’s computer and then using it for spam, illegal hosting of content or condemning further attacks is also a popular trend.

This does not ends here, at a severe level terrorist may also use to speculate attacks while using technological devices to access secret information. The National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre have determined that the electric devices can be used for explosive attacks which can victimize thousands lives.

Computer crimes are threatening like street crimes or murdering someone. But the rapid increase in cyber crimes is a question mark where several computer experts may not help the situation and governments are also helpless in controlling them. The reasons for increase includes: spreading computer literacy or using computers, the free access to internet which are high speed and available at affordable prices, motivating the users to stick to computer screens for any help and lack of awareness. Those who have personal computers are the most unaware genre of humans who do not know about legislations and rules of using computers technology and internet.

The increase in cyber or technology crime is a fruit of our irresponsibility and government negligence. By creating awareness among the personal computer users we can control the situation at a maximum level. There must be certain legislations which are designed for the feasibility of users and are user friendly solutions.

The advancements in technologies are fruitful if they are controlled at some level and should be kept in safe hands. Today criminals have designed a new way to use credit cards. It has become a latest trend of theft and cyber crime in U.S.A. the rapid developments in the field of technology is upbringing opportunities for thieves

(Future of high technology crime)

Crime in any shape is an illegal activity which must be punishable by the law. Technology although helps and serves humanity with its user friendliness and efficiency but sometimes when the developments were constantly updated and became accessible easily for all, then it could harm or threat humans. Such is the case with technology crime. Today mostly in developed in countries, criminals are using advanced technologies and means of committing crimes. Criminals are constantly updating their means of committing crimes and methods of committing crimes.

Computer related crimes are the major threat today. Fraud, spamming, scamming and thefts are becoming popular. Terrorism can also be incorporated with the technologies. Terrorist uses technological devices to create terror in the world.

Solution to this problem should be suggested by the experts but since we have discussed the relation between crime and technology and how the bad guys use it we come up to the solution that we must educate public and create awareness among people. Mostly the personal computer users may not know how to protect their PCs from hacking and how to keep their data safe. So there is a need to create awareness among them.

Also there should be software available in the market that can clean your pc from viruses and threats.  To alter the situation of technology crimes one must see and learn how to use it safely and legislations associated to it. Government and other security agencies must prepare policies to safe guard the nation from technology crimes.

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